LMS platforms: distance learning becomes simple


LMS stands for Learning Management System, that is, a platform suitable for the design, delivery, management and distribution of online training courses.

But let's see what it means in more detail:

Learning stands for learning, as the platform brings together learning materials in the form of videos, audios, attachments, forms and so on;

Management stands for management, as the digital environment underlying the suite can manage the courses, authorizations and certifications of its participants, teachers and learners;

System stands for information system, which enables the dissemination of courses and training materials across temporal and spatial boundaries.

What are the LMS platforms?

Among the platforms LMS most widely used globally we find:

  • Blackboard, offers a wide range of features, including course creation, student management, real-time communication, and student assessment;
  • Moodle, a very flexible and customizable open source platform that allows teachers to create courses and assess student progress; 
  • Digiclass, a very intuitive and easy-to-use Italian LMS platform with a wide range of features.

All these LMS platforms and many others that, daily are published on the different marketplaces have which functionality:

  1. Content creation and management: allow teachers to create and organize their own content, such as text, images, video and audio files, so that it is easily accessible to students.
  2. Course management: allow trainers to create customized courses and manage student access to content and learning activities.
  3. Collaboration: they offer collaboration tools such as forums, chats and working groups, which allow students to interact with each other and with teachers.
  4. Assessment and tracking: provide tools for assessing students and tracking their progress, including quizzes, tests and assignments.
  5. Customization: allow teachers and administrators to customize the appearance and behavior of the system through a wide range of design options and configurations.
  6. Analytics: ensure a range of analytical tools to monitor system use and student learning.
  7. Integration: they are integrated with a number of external tools and services, such as Turnitin, SafeAssign, Kaltura, and many others.
  8. Accessibility: are designed to be accessible from mobile devices and supports accessibility for users with disabilities.

As we have already mentioned, there are many others, but to summarize, the learning management system (LMS) platforms are digital tools that are used for distance learning management. These platforms enable teachers to create and distribute learning content, monitor student progress, and communicate with students in real time.

Which LMS platform to choose?

There are several LMS platforms available on the market, some free and open source, others paid. The choice of an LMS platform depends on the specific needs of the enterprise or individual and the functionality the platform offers.

Therefore, to choose the tailor-made platform, one must consider:

  1. The specific needs regarding learning management;
  2. The possibility of personalization and adaptation of the learning plan;
  3. ease of use and security of personal data.

In conclusion, LMS platforms, If used effectively, are a powerful tool useful in improving distance learning and consequently increasing learner productivity.

LMS, learning has never been easier (Learning Made Simple) and at SAFES PRO we know this well, offering the attendance of many of our courses on a proprietary U.S.-made LMS platform that guarantees:

  • effectiveness of training
  • flexibility of delivery
  • continuous and professional help
  • Careful and timely certification of learning

Come learn about our unique digital offering, come to SafesPro.

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