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Duration: 200 hrs
/ 150 classroom hours
/ 50 hours in the lab
Scope of activities: Administration and management
Delivery: In the presence
Target area: Common area
Prepares and ensures accounting treatment of economic asset and financial transactions according to current regulations and prepares financial statements. Works in the area of customer, supplier and general accounting.
Generally, he is an employee in an employer-employee relationship.
The figure's contractual level varies according to the relevant National Collective Labor Agreement for the sector in which the professional figure works.
It is a professional position included in the administration and accounting department of enterprises of all sizes and production sectors, which is mainly concerned with documentally following the recording of every accounting movement. It summarizes typical "duties" of the office clerk and still constitutes the most frequent professional position in administrative-accounting activities.
Employment prospects and horizontal and vertical career opportunities depend on the local labor market conditions related to the professional figure's target sector. However, it is emphasized that, precisely because of its transversal nature, the occupational figure presents good opportunities for transferability from one economic sector to another.
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