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Basic sales techniques

Duration: 24 hrs
Delivery: Hybrid
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The course offers a unique and tested approach to the most operational basic sales techniques.
Structured as a succession of exercises, rehearsals and simulations, this sales course conveys the essential skills needed to sell successfully, from defining the target audience to concluding the negotiation. All this without neglecting the "soft" dimensions, which are especially useful for novices and less experienced salespeople.

- Know the stages of the sales process
- Knowing how to prepare for a sale: setting goals and organizing the visit
- Acquire the most appropriate techniques to be used at different times in the
- Develop skills in communication to effectively manage the customer relationship
- Knowing how to ask questions, designing a strategic analysis phase of the customer's real needs

- The course is suitable for those who are at the beginning of their business career
- Sellers
- Sales agents and technicians

Knowing your market: marketing for the salesperson
- Knowing the evolution of the market
- Knowing the customer's needs
- Competitive analysis
Organizing your sales action
- Tools for organizing: prospecting plans, area plans
- Optimal management of one's time
Apply the basic rules of good communication
- Barriers in communication
- Forms of communication
- Understanding and being understood
- Empathy and listening
Mastering customer dialogue tools
- Interview techniques
- Art of Silence
- Methods of rephrasing the question or concept
- Word choice
Use a common thread to direct the sale
- An established method: the 6Cs of selling
- A necessity: proceeding in stages
Preparing for a visit
- Information to be collected, tools to be provided
- Constructing the objective of the visit
- Establish a positive contact with the customer
- The rules of the 4-for-20
Techniques for conducting the first interview
- Presenting oneself and one's company
- The opening of the dialogue
Getting the customer to talk
- Information to be discovered
- Questions to ask
Structuring and adapting one's arguments
- what is a sales argument
- the method of constructing an argument
- Choice of arguments and search for adherence
Handling customer objections
- Techniques for handling customer objections
- How to rebut the most common objections
Conclude and present the price
- the green light of conclusion
- techniques to conclude
- when and how to talk about the price
- How to end a meeting and "sell" the next visit
Using the telephone as a sales tool
- Specificity of telephone communication
- Different uses of the telephone: making an appointment, raising an offer,
building loyalty, getting information
- Personal development plan
- Winning behaviors in the sales approach - simulation

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Basic sales techniques

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