Europe toward digital education

Formazione a distranza

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and with the approval of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP), Europe is looking ahead with a perspective of the country's development increasingly green and increasingly digital

In this regard, ihe action plan for digital education. (2021-2027) - through the Next Generation EU program -. was financed to the tune of a whopping 750 billion euros. 

The plan aims to adapt the education and training systems of EU member states to the contemporary digital age through a series of actions, but what are the main objectives? 

Goals of the digital education action plan 

The Digital Education Action Plan aims to achieve two main goals: 

  • Promote the development of an ecosystem suitable for digital education;
  • Improve the people's IT skills and abilities in order to develop an increasingly digitally inclined cultural paradigm.

While the pandemic has paved the way for distance education, it has also created important differences in the usability of this modality. 

The European Union, with this plan of action, aims to improve this experience by building inclusive and robust infrastructure but also positive environments for the exchange of experience. 

The world of schooling, particularly public schooling, is seen in a more flexible, inclusive, accessible, and above all, more quality key.

Online training: present or future?

That of distance education is not new; in fact, for a few decades already, thanks to the spread of technology, the concept of online education has been becoming more and more commonplace. 

The goals of the European Agenda are not so much focused on the development of the technologies themselves, but on their use by a large group of users with the aim of making them more and more aware and performing in different areas of life. 

If for the public sector, Europe is taking care of it with its Recovery Fund, in the private sector it is. SafesPro Who, for numerous years, puts users at the center with the ultimate goal of training professionals capable of meeting the world's diverse challenges. 

Distance education today

Distance education has always existed, As early as the 1800s, some European universities were sending their courses to students by mail, while in the 1960s, with the arrival of radio and TV, information programs such as RAI's "Telescuola" program became widespread.

In short, the means have changed over the years, but the story is still the same.

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